Maximum Checking

High-interest business banking

Earn 4.80%* APY in a checking account with up to $125m in FDIC insurance. All with zero wire and ACH fees.

Multi-entity accounts


4.80%* APY on every dollar

Access up to $125 million in FDIC Insurance

Meow is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by FirstBank, a Tennessee corporation; Member FDIC and Grasshopper Bank N.A.; Member FDIC.

High-interest business banking, receive up to $125 million in FDIC insurance and earn 4.80% APY on every dollar

Integrate with the tools you already use

Access up to $125M in FDIC Insurance

U.S banks offer their depositors up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance (per ownership category).

Insured cash sweep program provides access to a network of banks to allocate deposits in increments of up to $250,000 per bank.

Access your funds through one account through Meow's dashboard.

FDIC Insurance
4.80% APY on every dollar

4.80% APY on every dollar

Financial technology companies are built on top of banks. Banks make money by earning interest on your cash.

With Meow, you keep the interest earned on your cash. The interest is based on the Federal Funds rate and is over 5.00% today.

If you keep $1 million in a checking account with 0% interest, you're losing out on close to $50,000 / year in interest.

"Unmatched yield and security for a checking account. Easy to schedule wires, run payroll and connect credit cards. Saves me the hidden opportunity cost of running our business out of a yield-less operating account."

Chris Troelstra— Head of Finance at Circle

Features for every one of your needs

Free wire transfers, both domestic and international

Send money with ease, anywhere, and never worry about the cost.

Scheduled wire transfers

Set up automated transfers at specified dates and times.

4.80% APY on every dollar

Earn 4.80% APY on every dollar in your Maximum Checking Account.

Bulk pay by .csv file

Tired of sending countless, repetitive wires and ACHs? Through Meow, you can do bulk payments by uploading a .CSV file. Send multiple wires and ACHs at once.

Enterprise spend controls

Set up advanced controls on who can send money from your Maximum Checking account. Set daily limits based on the person, or require multiple approvals for large dollar amounts.

Multi-entity accounts

Open multiple Maximum Checking accounts for your business, and manage them all through one login.

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